Monday, August 26, 2013

Hummingbird Moth My Summer Surprise

The Clear-Winged Hummingbird Moth is an unusual insect.  I found this little guy just a few weeks ago fluttering about and feeding from the Joe Pye Weed shrubs in my garden.  I had no idea what it was.  I posted a photo of it on another Web Site and then found out just how rare it is to see one and photo one.

A great thing to learn is that it is not endangered!  The species differ according to the areas they live in.  Its appearance is such that it is mistaken as a bumble bee or a hummingbird.  Well, I never thought it was a hummingbird but I did wonder what kind of bee it was!  The antennae are long and marked.  Nothing like any bee I have ever seen. Unlike most moths this insect has NO hearing organs.  It is largely covered with thick fur.

I had a good time with these guys.  They have returned a few times and I am sure they have been out there when I wasn't aware.  

Well, I am readying to go back out and find where that lemon yellow butterfly is.  Sure is a pretty one and big too!

Angela Hodge 8-2013  Image my own Lightedcolour Photography AH Time Stamped 8-2013

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